Quantumplation – Full album releasing on 22-02-2022

Very, very excited to announce that I’ll be releasing the first Adam Goodlet album – Quantumplation – on 22nd Feb 2022….

Adam Goodlet-  Quntumplation - Cover Art

Initially available as a BandCamp exclusive – Preorder available here – https://adamgoodlet.bandcamp.com/releases

I’ve called this Quantumplation to reflect the mind state that I maintained whilst creating the music – Deeply meditative, with no attachment to any identity, genre or outcome – This detachment from genres allowed full experimentation with sound and arrangement – The journey ramps up, engaging the body, mind and spirit in ways that I hope will be enjoyable, danceable and uplifting ❤?????

I’ve been working on the music for a long time – I’ve had amazing feedback from the people that have heard it so far – Can’t wait to share the vibrations with the world!

“It sounds like a psychedelic crystal has been ground into a fine powder that effortlessly passes through your ears and body” Ed Wynne – Ozric Tentacles

All of the tracks are in 432Hz, and harmonic BPMs [BPM, key and scale listed on the description of each track] 

The timing of the album has been designed to guide psychedelic and dissociative experiences with maximal effect – I recommend listening to it as a singular piece rather than separate tracks if you are having an experience like this ?? 

I’ve made use of a LOT of stereo effects, and sub-bass frequencies – This may not play back well on mono, or bass light sound systems – High quality speakers or headphones are strongly recommended.

Patreon Only Features

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The first post

Wow, I’ve finally done it, a website – I’ve been working in the industry for about 20 years, I’ve gigged, toured, run studios, worked all over the place, and I’ve never really documented or promoted any of it – I often ran into option paralysis as I’ve been working on so many disparate projects, it was hard to consolidate it into one place… And then, it hit me, just use adamgoodlet.com… Wow what a genius [sarcasm font]… I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get this online stuff cooking.

I’m super excited to be sharing my journey, thoughts, studio techniques and all sorts of other stuff with the wider world. Thanks so much for everything, you are all amazing and I’m so full of gratitude for my exciting future.

Adam Goodlet