Hello everyone – I’m Adam Goodlet

I’m a Music Producer, Mixing and Mastering engineer, Live electronic music and performance specialist 

I started producing music in the year 2000, and took the leap to full time in 2004 – Over the years i’ve accumulated over 40,000 hours in the studio, work on hundreds of productions, and had millions of streams of work that I’ve mixed or mastered. 

I’ve been lucky enough to tour the world and share my music, as well as work on production and mastering for some really amazing artists including:
Ozric Tentacles, Monkey Lord / Rob Chapman, Hedflux, Keepers Brew, FireFarm.

I’ve personally created many styles and genres of music, from chill out to hardcore dance and everything in between – including:
Ephexis (Freeform Hardcore) – Re:Creation (Full-On PsyTrance) – Peak (Psy-Breaks) Arcturian Soul (Chillout) – OverSoul – (Experimental psychedelic bass and techno) – E:Clipse – (Vocal PsyBass) (With Laura Jenkins).

I’ve released music on labels such as:

  • Iboga Tech
  • Psychoactive Records
  • Broken Robot
  • Luminus Music

I’m currently working on the new Adam Goodlet fully live audio visual experience

Let’s create some magic together! 

Adam Goodlet