Quantumplation – Full album releasing on 22-02-2022

Very, very excited to announce that I’ll be releasing the first Adam Goodlet album – Quantumplation – on 22nd Feb 2022….

Adam Goodlet-  Quntumplation - Cover Art

Initially available as a BandCamp exclusive – Preorder available here – https://adamgoodlet.bandcamp.com/releases

I’ve called this Quantumplation to reflect the mind state that I maintained whilst creating the music – Deeply meditative, with no attachment to any identity, genre or outcome – This detachment from genres allowed full experimentation with sound and arrangement – The journey ramps up, engaging the body, mind and spirit in ways that I hope will be enjoyable, danceable and uplifting ❤?????

I’ve been working on the music for a long time – I’ve had amazing feedback from the people that have heard it so far – Can’t wait to share the vibrations with the world!

“It sounds like a psychedelic crystal has been ground into a fine powder that effortlessly passes through your ears and body” Ed Wynne – Ozric Tentacles

All of the tracks are in 432Hz, and harmonic BPMs [BPM, key and scale listed on the description of each track] 

The timing of the album has been designed to guide psychedelic and dissociative experiences with maximal effect – I recommend listening to it as a singular piece rather than separate tracks if you are having an experience like this ?? 

I’ve made use of a LOT of stereo effects, and sub-bass frequencies – This may not play back well on mono, or bass light sound systems – High quality speakers or headphones are strongly recommended.

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